Typical Western breakfasts of refined cereals or white toast with jam or marmalade holds are high in wheat and with little nutritional value and unbalances blood sugar making us tired and moody with sweet cravings by mid morning.  These alternative breakfasts are wheat free, rich in protein and good fats and some can be taken on the run.


  • No wheat, toasted pumpernickel rye bread with nut butter or mashed avocado
  •  Oatcakes and smoked salmon
  • Home made muesli – oats (GF if needed) plus handful crushed mixed nuts and flax seed, few fresh berries and natural yoghurt mixed and left to soak for minimum half hour
  • A lovely Turkish breakfast, with tomatoes, olives, cucumber and feta/boiled eggs and parsley. Can be put on toast when sliced thinly
  • Porridge with salt and chai seeds plus a knob of butter or coconut butter (Quinoa and millet can both be used to make porridge).  Alternatively for a sweeter version add cinnamon, vanilla, coco powder, nut or coconut milk.
  • For those who can’t eat grains or dairy, follow the tai culture of having a clear soup with vegetables in the morning with chicken or turkey for protein. You can also get thin turkey steaks which you can grill with a cocconut oil and have spinach and or tomatoes or mushrooms just to have some variety. I can eat quinoa but find it much more tasty with It cooked in homemade stock this is nice with mushrooms especially in the winter. It just requires a change of mindset.
  • A variety of eggs – poached, scrambled with butter (no milk), omelette – always with celtic sea salt – with mushrooms sautéed in butter/grilled tomatoes/wilted spinach/rocket – bacon if from local producer without nitrates.
  • Protein based smoothies- with avocado, coconut butter, ground flaxseed, coconut water, non dairy milk or Kefir and protein powder (hemp/pea)

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