1. Omelette with whatever is in the fridge e.g. tomatoes, ham, cheese – serve with salad or frozen peas
  2. Tuna or feta lentil salad –use a tin or sachet of cooked lentils, add any tomatoes or peppers and handfuls of salad leaves, finish with a few pine nuts if you have them.
  3. Spaghetti with walnuts and mushrooms add spinach or rocket with olive oil and grated cheese
  4. Cold meats e.g. ham or chicken slices; or cold fish such as smoked salmon or mackerel with salad, beetroot, onions and new potatoes
  5. Sardines or egg on toast with green salad
  6. Grilled burger (get some decent ones from the butcher and keep frozen) or minute steak, or lamb chop with a quick salsa of chopped tomatoes, avocado and onions plus steamed corn on the cob or frozen wedges

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