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  1. Reduce wheat – wheat is significantly genetically modified and heavily sprayed, and yet it is our biggest source of carbs.  Swap the wheat for rice or quinoa or even better, root vegetables
  2. Cook from scratch – this will mean planning ahead and allowing more time, but your body deserves nutrient rich food free of preservatives
  3. Reduce alcohol – for many people it is the norm to drink high levels of alcohol as a way of dealing with stressful lives.  Work on reducing the stress rather than numbing it.  Alcohol depletes magnesium, interferes with sleep and messes up blood sugar (as well as being high in empty calories)
  4. Increase your veg and fruit – very few are making the minimum of 5 pieces per day, let alone 7 which is ideal.  Eat more salads / soup for lunch, fill half your dinner plate with veg, and snack on fruit (don’t drink your fruits)
  5. Eat protein for breakfast and ditch cereals (for the whole family) – starting the day on scrambled eggs, or avocado and bacon, feta with ham and salad or even left over stew, with stabilise your blood sugar giving you more energy and less sugar cravings

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