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Manufacturers are very clever at ‘spinning’ some foods to make them appear healthy.  Watch out for these!

1. Cereal and breakfast bars – many are marketed as healthy, but nearly all have refined carbs and some sort of sugar or syrup in them.  If you need an occasional ‘on the go’ bar try a Nakd bar or even better, a banana
2. Popcorn – many ‘designer’ popcorns are being marketed as low calorie, but these are refined carbs that quickly convert to glucose, unbalancing blood sugar.  Because popcorn is so bland they usually add lots of salt or flavourings.  Swap for natural nuts but not too many
3. Lentil crisps or other crisp alternatives.  Lots of clever packaging makes these look good for you, but anything overbaked has lost most of its nutrients and become high in acrylamide (a carcinogen found in over-baked goods)
4. Lite yoghurts, snacks and jellies.  Anything ‘lite’ usually has sweeteners added to make it taste good.  Sweeteners interfere with gut bacteria and insulin, and are neuro-toxic so swap for a natural live yoghurt with some fresh fruit


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