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  1. Probiotic – this helps restore your good bacteria which is essential for a strong immune system  – I like Ultra Probioplex from Nutri Advanced and have had great results with this
  2. Vitamin D3 – this is beneficial for the cells in keeping immunity strong and really helpful if you suffer from SAD during the winter
  3. Elderberry extract – elderberry has been shown in trials to reduce viruses
  4. Echinacea – this herbal tincture is brilliant for boosting the immune system


Add in

  1. Garlic which is antibacterial and antiviral – don’t overcook it
  2. Vitamin C which combats viruses and is depleted when stressed – rich sources include berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers and green leafy veg
  3. Herbs such as sage and rosemary which contain high level of antioxidants and sage is great for viruses and sore throats
  4. Tumeric – an anti-inflammatory spice – use liberally in stews and soups

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