In 30 days you can change your health forever

What will this do:

  1. Balance your digestive system
  2. Increase your nutrients
  3. Improve your sleep
  4. Balance blood sugar and reduce weight where needed
  5. Balance stress
  6. Improve energy levels
  7. Balance your mood (reduce anxiety, depression)
  8. Naturally detox your system

In conjunction with myself you will:

  1. Remove foods and drinks and add foods and drinks to increase your nutrients and balance your blood sugar and improve energy
  2. Work on lifestyle changes to reduce stress and improve your sleep
  3. Add in supplements to restore gut health and improve mood
  4. Use specific foods and supplements to improve detoxification, as well as making changes to your environment to lessen the load
  5. Be given foods ideas for 30 days
  6. Move more

Book with or 07767260374  cost just £60

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