1. Reduce caffeine – have no more than 2-3 (regular strength) caffeinated drinks per day, before 2.30pm. This will improve blood sugar, stress levels and, if you drink more water, help to hydrate you.  Swapping for decaff is fine, but still to keep to only 2-3 per day and increase water instead
  2. Ditch cereals and jams on toast, and have protein or good fats for breakfast. Starting the day on avocado or eggs or nut butter, will balance blood sugar and keep you fuller for longer.  You can have full fat natural live yoghurt with fruit, but add a dessertspoon of nuts of seeds to balance blood sugar.
  3. Stop snacking and aim for 2 or 3 complete meals per day. A complete meal is ¼ protein, ¼ complex carbs and half plate of veg or salad.  If you really need a snack grab a piece of fruit, 2 squares of 85% chocolate, or 15 small natural nuts once per day


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