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Nuts may not be as fattening, as long as you eat the right form…..

I was interested to listen to Dr Sarah Berry on the Zoe podcast talking about nuts.

Natural mixed nuts contain so many great nutrients –  vitamin E, magnesium, selenium. Nuts are also very high in good fats and fibre, and help balance our blood sugar.

They can decrease our bad LDL cholesterol and they can also decrease our blood triglyceride concentrations. And this means that nuts might help to lower the risk of both heart disease and stroke.

But there is a difference about how much fat we get from consuming whole nuts, versus nut butters and finely ground nut powders. If you commercially grind the nuts to break all of the cell walls and release all of the fat, then a lot more of that fat is absorbed increasing the calories.

What this meant in real terms, is that for some people, a 30 gram portion of almonds, resulted in them eating about 56 calories, and for other people, eating a 30 gram portion of almonds resulted in eating about 168 calories, depending on if they are whole nuts and how well they chew, digest and absorb them.

A portion of nuts should only be about 15-20 almonds, and if these are consumed whole rather than nut butter or ground almonds, you may gain all the health benefits and less of the calories.

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