Covid Support – during, after and prevention

I have been working with many clients over the last 18 months who have Covid or suffered Long Covid, using a great Protocol for both situations, involving supplements, diet and lifestyle.  Book Now

With the emphasis on Vaccinations, it is easy to lose sight of how important preventative health is, as you can still contract and pass on Covid when vaccinated.

The majority of deaths were from the elderly and obese people, so reducing weight is key.  My one to one weight loss programmes are very successful in helping you understand your own relationship with food.  Book Now

Amongst other things, Vitamin D is top of my list, especially now body stores are depleting, for those who obtained sufficient absorption.  Many people assume that the small amounts in Supermarket brands or found in their multi is enough, but often that isn’t the case as many people, especially those who work in indoors, the elderly and children who have sunscreen over-applied.  Most people need 50ug per day (2,000iu) as a winter maintenance but I can arrange home testing if you want to know where your levels are.

Removing gluten and sugar reduces the inflammatory load on the body

Remember that it may take time to recover, so avoid busy social events, hard workouts, and emphasise sleep and self care.


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