1. Always have a protein / fat based breakfast
  2. Sit down to eat rather than graze
  3. Balance your blood sugar by increasing good fat, protein, salad and vegetables – If you’re wanting sweet foods you’ve probably got low blood sugar rather than hunger
  4. Snack on raw vegetables and olives when cooking
  5. Keep portions small, use a smaller plate
  6. Don’t buy junk (for anyone in the family) 
  7. Reduce alcohol – this adds unwanted calories and affects blood sugar
  8. Make sure healthy food eg. Salad, raw veg, fruit is the first thing you see in the fridge (hide the foods you don’t want to eat)
  9. Freeze excess food or save for the next day’s lunch
  10. Avoid weighing yourself, judge weight loss by your clothes
  11. Don’t get over hungry – no long gaps between food especially between lunch and dinner – find your danger time and have a sensible snack e.g. a portion of natural nuts
  12. Find an exercise you enjoy, it doesn’t have to be the gym, it could be dancing, playing sport, ice skating –be active wherever possible





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