filo mincepies
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Instead of:-

  1. Mulled wine have spicy herbal teas infused with oranges, manuka honey and pomegranate juice (fresh)
  2. Crisps have kale crisps – rub Kale leaves in olive oil and lemon juice and bake at low heat for 5 mins until crisp
  3. Prawn cocktail have a prawn and smoked salmon salad
  4. Roasted salted nuts – crack your own natural nuts (you eat far less)
  5. Mince pies – bake using filo pastry and swap some mincemeat for chopped apple
  6. Christmas pud – make a hot fruit compote with dates, apple, lemon juice and fresh ginger or mix wholemeal bread with dried fruit and apple juice
  7. Cheese and biscuits – swap for rice cakes with cream or cottage cheese and smoked salmon with cucumber
  8. Stuffing balls – use good quality sausage meat, plus chestnuts and dried cherries or apricots
  9. Pigs in blankets – ditch the bacon and get 90% organic meat sausages and cut into chunks
  10. Pastries and party food – have raw veg and humus or mini chicken kebabs

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