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“Sam has been an absolute treasure in helping me achieve not just weight loss, but to understand what and why I’m eating and to ‘eat healthy’ in order to address a number of issues including bloating, stiff joints etc… damn this getting old!
Sam’s advice has been ‘real world’, not some mumbo-jumbo and an instruction to eat weegie-beans!
Help with portion control, what to eat and when and how to manage heathy eating in an un-healthy world has made a real difference.
Understanding what my body is doing, ‘listening’ to what my body is telling me and adapting accordingly has helped me lose weight, feel better and have more energy… and strangely to feel like I am eating more than ever!
Thank you Sam, a little dramatic perhaps but i feel like you have saved me!!

Sam is a real professional that puts her clients needs first. She really knows here stuff and goes out of her way to give help and support to make changes. I learned a lot about myself and nutrition and feel much better equipped to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Anne, Oxford.

I had been suffering from blackouts for two and half years, and after seeing various doctors, who didn’t have a clue what was going on, I decided to see if changes to my diet would improve my situation. I contacted Sam, who revolutionised my diet. Initially, I was worried that I would struggle to adjust, but I felt better, and healthier, within a couple of weeks. I even lost a bit of weight.

Eventually, the doctors diagnosed me with postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS), and one of the ways to manage this is with a healthy diet. So I was already doing the right thing, and Sam had spotted this before the doctors did. I am immensely grateful for all the help Sam has given.

JR 27.3.14

Sam Silvester was recommended to Q Associates’ staff for help and advice on how to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Individuals’ feedback from nutrition interviews with Sam has always been positive and staff have been motivated and impressed by her knowledge and advice. Sam is welcoming, friendly and an expert in her field, and has benefited staff through an initial interview as well as follow up meetings to discuss how her advice has helped their health and wellbeing .
Jane Sampson

I really liked coming to you rather than meeting in a group situation. I thought the recipe ideas were brilliant, and felt very well looked after with the suggestions for meals that I may like. I found the experience to be supportive, especially regarding my IBS. Thank you for helping me.
Becki (weight loss)

I have always experienced stomach pains since my teens and thought that it was just normal not to be able to eat certain foods. It eventually got to the point where I was in pain daily at work every time I ate, so when my Company offered a Nutritionist appointment, I thought I would go along as I had nothing to lose. After speaking with Sam about the symptoms I was experiencing, I was relieved to be offered helpful nutritional suggestions.

Sam showed me by changing foods and taking a supplement my digestion could improve.

In all honesty I didn’t expect a lot of difference but in the following weeks, I was amazed at how much better I felt (almost instantly). I’m still eating plenty but making better choices than before and have not had symptoms since.

I am so pleased I went for the initial meeting. Thanks again for your help and meal suggestions Sam.

Natalie, Newbury

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