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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my diet is very poor?

Don’t worry if your diet is poor, I am not there to judge, but to help with delicious easy food. It is important to be honest.

What is the difference between a dietician and nutritionist?

A dietician usually works for a GP or hospital and will recommend diets for specific conditions e.g. diabetes. A nutritionist strictly speaking is someone who is involved with the science of food technology. I am a nutritional adviser / therapist and I work by not just treating the symptom, but looking at the cause of the symptom, where possible, taking into account stress, lifestyle, past illnesses or medication.

How much training have you had and what are your qualifications?

I trained for 3 years and have 3 diplomas. I complete a number of hours of continuing professional development each year as well as attending seminars.

Will I have to give up my favourite foods?

We will work together to see if any foods need to be reduced or removed, depending on the circumstances. Progress is up to you.

Do you deal with children?

I deal with children and teenagers.

I know a lot about healthy eating, how can you make a difference?

It is excellent if you already know a lot about healthy eating. However at times media information can be confusing. I try not to get caught up in trends

My husband should really see you, what should I do?

I welcome any recommendations, and can allay any fear with a quick call. However the person concerned must really want to see me and therefore it is often best if they make the appointment themselves.

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