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How to stay healthy on holiday

Holidays should be a break from our busy and stressful lives, but the effort of packing and travelling to a destination can also be stressful. For some people taking your foot off the gas can result in feeling run down as the body is allowed to unwind. Add to that...

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Chilled Avocado Soup

  • 1 large ripe avocado • 1 cucumber • 4 spring onions • a few sprigs of fresh coriander • 250 ml organic vegetable stock , chilled • 200 ml plain yoghurt • 1 mild fresh green chilli • 1 lime • Tabasco sauce • 1 fresh red chilli Method 1. To make the soup, peel,...

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Healthier BBQs

• Salmon and pepper and courgette kebabs • Roast sweet potatoes in foil studded with garlic and herbs • BBQ giant prawns in their shell – serve with low calorie mayonnaise mixed with crème fraiche • BBQ mini corn on the cob and serve with sea salt, mint, parsley...

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Healthier Pasta

Using lightly steamed courgetti or squashetti or pea / lentil pasta: • Homemade pesto – whizz up basil, parsley and coriander with olive oil, water, pine nuts or walnuts, parmesan - with asparagus and peas or soya beans • Salsa –tomatoes, olives, coriander / basil /...

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