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Healthier Christmas Pud

 For the compote: Soak about 9 oz dried fruit and nuts – (unsulphured)apricots, prunes, figs, raisins,naturally dried cherries, figs, cinnamon and ginger, and a slice of gluten free bread (optional) in some red grape juice with a dash of alcohol such as sherry or...

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Have a healthier Christmas

Instead of:- 1. Mulled wine have spicy herbal teas infused with oranges, manuka honey and pomegranate juice (fresh) 2. Crisps have kale crisps – rub Kale leaves in tahini and lemon juice and bake at low heat until crisp – or part roasted pumpkin seeds 3. Prawn...

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Unspoken health worries for men

The awareness and rise of 'Movember' has allowed men's health to be more open but there are still health problems experienced my men that are rarely discussed. 1. Mental Health Suicide is one of the biggest killers of young men, and depression and anxiety are...

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Is breakfast a dangerous meal?

Before Kellogs introduced cereal in the 60's, we mostly had cooked breakfast such as kippers, bacon or eggs maybe with porridge. All cereals are made with highly baked carbohydrate which is converted to glucose, so your breakfast cereal is basically a bowl of sugar....

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Tumeric Latte (Golden Milk)

Tumeric is still our favourite Superfood being anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants. There are some delicious turmeric drinks (known as Golden Milk) to buy such as Tumerlicious or Telaveli but you can make your own: 1 cup of milk or milk alternative such as Vita...

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Autumn Foods

Ideas for Autumn - Liver with onions and mushrooms, broccoli and cajun spiced sweet potatoes - Lamb chops with garlic and roasted carrots plus kale and green beans - Venison sausages with sweet potato and celeriac mash with chard - Pheasant / chicken / beef slow...

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4 Worst ‘healthy’ Snacks

Manufacturers are very clever at 'spinning' some foods to make them appear healthy.  Watch out for these! 1. Cereal and breakfast bars - many are marketed as healthy, but nearly all have refined carbs and some sort of sugar or syrup in them.  If you need an occasional...

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