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Supporting children’s health at school

✔ Consistent sleep and wake time – Sleep is crucial for every single aspect of our health and particularly for mental wellbeing. Many young people today simply aren’t getting enough sleep, often hampered by excessive exposure to smart devices or gaming before...

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Bone Health – is calcium key?

Bone health is about directing the calcium to the bones and teeth rather than supplementing!!  And Magnesium is more important than calcium for bone health.  Drs often encourage calcium supplements which can do more harm than good.  The British Medical Journal 2011...

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Hot summers and still vitamin D deficient?

 Just because we have hotter weather doesn’t mean that people automatically increase their natural vitamin D levels.  When questioning my clients many don’t go outside in sunny weather, are covered up or are overdoing sunscreen, and whilst burnt skin will cause damage...

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Debunking Nutritional Myths

  There are a lot of common misconceptions around nutrition that are still confusing people and preventing them from expanding their diet in a healthy way. “Don’t eat too many eggs as they will increase your cholesterol” Studies have shown that eggs raise the ‘good’...

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What’s the right breakfast?

Pre- war days, we mostly had cooked breakfast such as kippers, bacon or eggs with the option of bread, or porridge with milk and butter. Old fashioned Scottish porridge was made in big batches, you even take a slice with you. Such breakfasts gave lasting fuel to those...

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