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Tumeric – The Golden Spice

Tumeric is being written about everywhere and is the latest ‘superfood’. Research and studies are now validating its health benefits particularly on the immune system, joint pain and other areas of inflammation. Here’s some ways to use it: Turmeric hot chocolate  1...

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Healthier Easter – Raw Chocolate Truffles

1 tbsp cup almond or smooth peanut butter 4 medjool dates, pitted and chopped 1 tbsp cup raw cacao powder pinch of Sea Salt (not needed if using peanut butter) Splash of milk or milk alternative Instructions Into a food processor add dates, nut butter and cocoa...

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It works! (recent testimonials)

I’m feeling that your magic has worked…reading through my original missives I realise that there has been a marked change in my life…my anxiety is at normal levels…my medication is no more…my digestive system is much improved and my...

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Leaky gut – what is it? What if you have it?

The NHS provide a simple explanation of Leaky Gut: “The inside of the bowel is lined by a single layer of cells that make up the mucosal barrier (the barrier between the inside of the gut and the rest of the body). This barrier is effective at absorbing nutrients, but...

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30 day reset programme – change for life

In 30 days you can change your health forever What will this do: Balance your digestive system Increase your nutrients Improve your sleep Balance blood sugar and reduce weight where needed Balance stress Improve energy levels Balance your mood (reduce anxiety,...

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Sugar Free February – interested?

We’ve had dry January and if you want to keep up the good work, there is Sugar Free February. It’s easy to see added sugars in sweets, cakes and biscuits, but hidden sugar is added to bread, processed food, sauces and low fat foods. Don’t be tempted to for ‘sugar...

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Overdone it? Detox the easy way

Detoxing isn’t about fruit juices and starving yourself. The best way is to remove the junk – sugars, grains, alcohol and increase your vegetables and water. Take Milk thistle – to support liver cells Most important are Probiotics and fermented food (saukraut, kefir)...

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