Despite a great summer, as Winter approaches you need to think about vitamin D supplementation, as it is only stored in the body for about 2 month. If you are someone who suffers from low mood over the winter or craves the sun, you may be deficient in Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is important for muscles, nerves and is a major factor in the immune system. Together with calcium and magnesium, vitamin D also helps protect bones but as we spend more time indoors and over-use sunscreens more people are becoming deficient.
Who is at risk?
• Those with black or brown skin
• People who cover up when they go out or avoid the sun
• Institutionalised people
• Pregnant women
• Those who use lots of sunscreen
• People with auto-immune diseases
• People who have poor absorption such a coeliacs and those with Crohns
During the summer Sunbathe sensibly (10 – 15 minutes without burning) and during winter supplement with Vitamin D3 (unless you are at risk then should supplement all year round).
Eat oily fish 2/3 times a week along with full fat milk and egg yolks (this provides only small amounts of D)
If you think you are deficient (most people are), get yourself tested. Some GPs will do it, otherwise, Birmingham City Hospital offer a home test finger prick blood test £28. Go to or call 0121 507 4278 for a pack.
Always check with your Doctor if you are taking prescribed medication.

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